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CIVIL & CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS – Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Fraud, Arson,

Civil and Criminal Investigations must be conducted with the highest regard for sensitivity and legal obligations. With years of experience in providing services for solicitors, our firm will handle your investigations with the utmost care, always adhering to the …

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ROAD TRAFFIC COLLISION INVESTIGATIONS – including Crash for Cash, Uninsured Drivers, Bogus Passenger Claims,

What a collision investigation aims to discover ... how and why it matters for both Claimants and Defendants, Third-party claimants, Insurance Companies and, where appropriate, the justice system, whether this would be through criminal prosecution by the police or…

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HEALTH & SAFETY INVESTIGATIONS – Employer and/or Employee involved liability investigations

Every year people are killed or injured at work. Over 40 million working days are lost annually through work-related accidents and illnesses. This workbook gives organisations an opportunity to find out what went wrong. Learning the lessons and acting upon these, …

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Sometimes it is necessary to go undercover during an investigation, in what is known as a covert observation investigation, to determine the truth. The main subject of our investigation might, for example, be a hairdresser or a waiter or a salesperson or lorry dri…

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You may have noticed that cameras have become increasingly common in and around commercial premises as well as residential areas, parks and public buildings. Overt video recording is a staple of many a security investigation, which means you need to decide which i…

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We can provide video/audio recorded interview facilities along with providing fully documented written statements in accordance with current CPR and PACE legislation

We’re becoming more and more shocked that the basic foundations of a recorded interview and subseq…

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FINANCIAL INVESTIGATIONS – Fraudulent Credit Applications including Asset Recovery where appropriate

Insiders are the single biggest threat to corporate assets and individuals’ private wealth. Privately owned businesses and multinational, public corporations face risks from insiders with privileges as well as those with responsibilities that include purchasing, t…

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Service & Execution of various civil and criminal court orders, warrants & various legal documents, repossession of property, vehicles, and other monetary assets

Certificated enforcement agent services

The NESIS Group GB Ltd, Civil Enforcement Services’ core busi…

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Through our specially trained and qualified computer experts, we can investigate computer systems, hard drives and external storage devices and recover previously deleted, software, files, documents, photographs and provide a fully detailed report. Mobile phones c…

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