You may have noticed that cameras have become increasingly common in and around commercial premises as well as residential areas, parks and public buildings. Overt video recording is a staple of many a security investigation, which means you need to decide which is the right camera and then mount it in the right place.

The effect of in-your-face, obviously visible security measures like this can be dramatic, stopping theft, break-ins, and vandalism instantly before any serious damage has been done. On the other hand, if the camera is not right, or a good camera is mounted in the wrong place, it will be worthless. It is vital to get it right first time.

There is also a legal and regulatory dimension to consider. You cannot always fit a camera without getting permission. And you might not be aware that all surveillance must be conducted within the framework of the law, which just happens to be notoriously complex. If you make a mistake along the way, perhaps forget to get permission, you could end up with inadmissible evidence or less evidence than you had before you started .

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